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Under a 5 year agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Kingdom of Denmark, budget support, assistance to the National Aids Commission and technical assistance is being provided to the health sector. CHAG is also benefitting from the DANIDA funded HSPS IV programme. This support is mainly earmarked for improving CHAG’s capacity for health policy development, advocacy and engagement with government, (particularly on public health issues and the needs of the poor) supporting the institutional development process of CHAG and strengthening of the management systems and capacity of its Secretariat. According to plan, there will be a review of this component around the same time as the annual review of the sector in March/April 2009.


In May 2005, CHAG entered into agreement with CORDIAD and ICCO to run a pilot project on health information management. The project aimed  at assisting CHAG in building a comprehensive data set that 

would link with other data collection systems in use within the health sector,

provide basic information about the activities of CHAG Member Institutions (MIs),

facilitate the main business of CHAG (lobbying and advocacy) and

Strengthen planning and management within CHAG facilities.


Implementation of the HMIS pilot project unfortunately came to a standstill in the course of 2006, due to a variety of reasons such as lack of consensus on the architecture of the system, delay in data entry, absence of sufficient qualified staff at the CHAG Secretariat, and insufficient coordination and leadership. However, from July 2008 onwards initiatives to strengthen health management information throughout CHAG were re-launched. A full time HMIS officer was appointed and an HMIS Implementation Team with representatives of MIs was composed.

In November 2008, a short-term ‘ health management information’ advisor was recruited to provide expert advice and technical back-up support services in further design of the CHAG health management information initiative, help with alignment with other information systems, report generation and data analysis. 

Under the Round 9 proposal to the Global Fund interesting opportunities will come up for CHAG to take advantage of the possibility of obtaining resources for health system strengthening interventions. The Global Fund would particularly welcome applications that include cross-cutting health system strengthening interventions needed to overcome constraints to improved outcomes for AIDS, TB, or malaria. This could be relevant for CHAG to further strengthen human resources (especially Community Health nurses, and production of Medical Assistants), laboratory infrastructure and monitoring and evaluation

In April 2006 a new partnership was established between the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) to promote reproductive Health in Ghana. Under this partnership, CHAG and UNFPA have committed themselves alongside other implementing partners to a project aimed at creating a supportive environment that promotes and ensures Reproductive Health (RH) rights and increased access to and utilization of high-quality Reproductive Health Services (RHS) through: 

  • Improved access to Maternal Health Care (MHC) and Youth Friendly Services (YFS) in programme districts
  • Improvements in RH behaviour among men, women and young people, living in UNFPA supported districts.
  • Strengthened capacity of CHAG institutions to manage, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate reproductive and adolescent health services at the national level and in targeted districts.
  • Strengthening of advocacy and awareness of RH, Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH), reproductive rights and gender, and the reduction of STI/HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies among the age group 10-24 years in eight (8) of UNFPA Intervention districts in five (5) regions of Ghana.

In 2008, UNFPA on behalf of CHAG commissioned Management Strategies for Africa (MSA) to undertake an assessment in 10 CHAG facilities in the Volta region, with a focus on Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care and the provision of Youth Friendly and Adolescent Reproductive Health Services. This assessment was completed in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

Following a planning workshop in December 2008 a new programme between CHAG and UNFPA was agreed upon, which is now also incorporated in this 2009 AWP.

Contribution to country status report 

The Secretariat serves on the Technical Working Group, which is preparing the World Bank ‘Country Status Report. This report will describe the actual status of the health sector, identify constraints and successes, and propose possible options to improve sector performance. The document, which is expected to be completed by mid 2010 will also input into the next 5 year planning cycle.


Operational research                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The Secretariat has been approached by the World Bank's ‘Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics’ to participate in a study on the role of faith-based organizations in service delivery for education, health, etc.

The study will be about two main topics: 

(a) Targeting health services and subsidies in Ghana and 

(b) Analysis of Ghana Health Sector Using Survey Data. 


The ultimate objective of the exercise will be to develop a way for health service providers to better target their health programs and subsidies. 

Specific terms of reference of the operational research and the modalities of CHAG’s involvement are currently being discussed. Should it be decided that one of the case studies would be done in partnership with CHAG, those involved in the study will be invited for a major meeting of faith and development leaders in July 2009 in Africa, where successful partnerships on delivering health services by faith-based organizations in Africa would be discussed.

CHAG in collaboration with Health Access Network and with support from WHO successfully completed a three (3) module training on drug management and the use of functions of the Drug and Therapeutic Committees (DTCs) in hospitals. These training were aimed at improving the skills of prescribers, managers and pharmacists in drug management and therefore to improve efficiency and access of to quality drugs and medicines in the CHAG hospitals.

To ensure that the above objectives are achieved:

- Plans developed by the participants were being implemented                                                                                                                                              

- CHAG encourages the institutionalisation of the use of DTCs in CHAG hospitals

- CHAG will, with Technical Assistance from Health Access Network, in 2009, facilitate two (2) follow-up monitoring and technical support visits to all hospitals that benefited from the above training     

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To promote the healing ministry of Christ and be a reliable partner in the Health Sector in providing the health needs of the people in Ghana in fulfillment of Christ’s mandate to go and heal the sick

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