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At the national level, CHAG has a Secretariat providing stewardship of the network, developing strategic partnerships in support of capacity development of its members for improved service delivery and articulating the association’s position and interest in national policy dialogue and discourse for health sector developments and –improvements. The secretariat is a relatively small organisation with 5 functional units and about 28 full time staff.

The larger Church denominations of CHAG operate health coordinating units at the National level (CHCU). These units operate autonomously but are accountable to their respective churches. They provide technical, logistical and program support to their corresponding 

They meet twice a year to discuss on issues of much interest to the members. The platform is used to take decisions on issues of concern from the Secretariat and the Association’s point of view which are then communicated back to the members. Due to the autonomy of members, this structure has helped harmonise and coordinate the flow of work within the Association. The representatives are twenty one (21) in all from the twenty one member churches of CHAG. Below are the details of the current representatives of the Health Coordinators and their respective denominations.


The main objectives for  the creation of this platform was to:


  1. 1.  Brief participants on new developments within the sector
  2. 2.  Update participants on current development within CHAG/the ES
  3. 3.  Improved understanding of participants on the current operational context of CHAG.
  4. 4.  Undertake joint planning of activities
  5. 5.  Agree on management arrangements
  6. 6.  Harmonize interventions between ES & MI’s 
  7. 7.  Improve implementation and reporting

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To promote the healing ministry of Christ and be a reliable partner in the Health Sector in providing the health needs of the people in Ghana in fulfillment of Christ’s mandate to go and heal the sick

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