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Leadership and governance relates to providing the direction and the structure which lead and guide the organization to effectively achieve the desired outcomes/impact. It is directed to ensuring proper stewardship, leadership and managing CHAG health facilities and the CHAG network in the most effective way. It involves the competent and transparent use of resources and the management of performance and stakeholders in an accountable, equitable and responsive manner. This involves among others competencies in strategic planning, organizational and institutional development, general- and financial management, monitoring and evaluation, adherence to regulation and inter-sector and network advocacy.

Governance structures and leadership arrangements in CHAG member institutions are largely fashioned on a decentralized model with a focus on health facility level empowerment to manage service provision autonomously with some degree of church ownership oversight. Out of the 21 denominations of CHAG, 7 operate health coordinating offices either at Presbytery, Diocesan or National level. Majority of these offices have longer-term strategic plans, policies and administrative guidelines and increasingly, members operate within these guidelines. The CHAG Network is managed by the Executive Secretariat (ES), guided by a constitution (reviewed in 2012) and overseen by an elected Board. Church Health Coordinators Meetings and Annual Council and Conference Meeting (ACCM) are the main fora for CHAG members to participate in policy and strategic discussions. The ES operates within the framework of a 5 year strategic plan and programme of work (2012-2016). Overall the CHAG network is vibrant with active and committed membership which is increasingly aware of critical issues in the health sector.

Members continued to receive facilitative and financial assistance in the area of leadership and management capacity support. Members and Church Health Coordinating Units (CHCUs) were coached in reviewing and drafting strategic plans (Catholics, Anglican and Methodist health services). A 2-days training on leadership was facilitated for CHCs, 85 managers (45 from health facilities and 40 from Training Institutions) benefited from 5-days training in Leadership and Management facilitated by GIMPA. Regular updates on the health sector and network issues were produced for all CHAG members. At the National level, CHAG continued to provide inputs into health sector meetings, technical working groups and policy and planning fora and in advocating member’s interest with health sector stakeholders and the wider international donor community. A tool for performance assessment of health facilities (based on the HSS model) was drafted and will be piloted in 2013.


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To promote the healing ministry of Christ and be a reliable partner in the Health Sector in providing the health needs of the people in Ghana in fulfillment of Christ’s mandate to go and heal the sick

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