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Health information relates to all systems, procedures and staff aimed at the timely collection, analysis and dissemination of information for the purpose of planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating health services. Important aspects of health information are quality, reliability, timeliness and usage of service data both for DHIMS-II (MOH) as well as for the CHAG minimum health service data-set. Different stakeholders at various levels of the health sector (e.g. community, health facility management, GHS, CHAG) have an interest in reliable and useful information.

Being an agency of the MOH, CHAG health facilities continued to provide routine health-service data within the Government DHMIS-II system. DHMIS-II data submission was satisfactory however limited feedback was received from the GHS and the use of information for evaluation of performance, planning and management at the individual health facility level was limited and could improve significantly. Although DHMIS-II data are aggregated at the District, Region and National level, the possibility to extract disaggregated CHAG data at these respective levels remained a challenge. Next to DHMIS-II data, CHAG health facilities submitted routine health-service data bi-annually to CHAG for performance reporting.

However, timely submission of this routine data was a challenge and could be improved upon.

CHAG continued to invest and improve data management at the health facility level. Most health facilities trained health information officers and other frontline staff in data collection and management. Additionally, the capacity of managers was built in the use of information for analysis and decision making. A newly and customized ICT software for health records, school management and student records was piloted in 3 health institutions and 1 training school. It has the potential to improve data management across the network in the future. Furthermore, the development of an ICT- dashboard with critical health indices across the network continued.




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