The goal of CHAG is the long-term overall ambition to which all individual CHAG members and the network at large subscribe. The timeframe for realizing the overall goal is undefined and stretches over many years. The goal informs all medium term objectives and strategies as well as all short-term plans, programs and budgets of members, CHCUs and secretariat:

CHAG is well aware that it can only play a limited part in the achievement of National health outcomes. Nonetheless, CHAG is also conscious that its contribution to provide health services to Ghana’s more vulnerable population groups is already significant and can only improve over time. The purpose and main objectives of CHAG are:

  1. To foster a closer partnership between Church health services and the Ministry of Health to promote health care in Ghana.
  2. To assist in planning and coordinating the training programs and other medical work or services of all its members.
  3. To assist all members with respect to the employment of staff, provision of supplies to the hospitals or other medical services maintained or supported or controlled or supervised by any member of the Association.
  4. To encourage and assist the members to promote the healing ministry for the benefit and the welfare of the people of Ghana.
  5. To implement policies set by the members and do such other things in cooperation with the members that are conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Association and generally to act for the benefit and welfare of the people living in Ghana.