The Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) is a faith-based network organization of 25 Christian church denominations, involved in the provision of health care and training of health professionals. Established in 1967, the Association currently comprises 75 hospitals, 209 health centres, clinics and CHPS compounds, and 19 health training institutions; Membership has gone up from 25 in 1967 to 302 in 2017. There is potential for further growth, since not all church health facilities have been registered yet.

CHAG was initially founded, in 1967, as a Voluntary Professional Association and subsequently registered as a Corporate Body in 1968 under the Trustees (Incorporation) Act, 1962 Act 106, the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference and the Christian Council of Ghana are the main stakeholders in the Association. The Ghana Pentecostal Council was later admitted into membership as an Associate Member. The uniqueness of CHAG as an organisation is the independence and autonomy of its members. This is recognized as the strength of the organization where the diversity of its members is respected and harnessed for human centered, affordable and high quality patient care.